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Base Product


Base Product is the core of MonitorWare Console. You cannot use MonitorWare Console without the Base Product. It provides you with ICMP Lookup Tool, Database Maintenance Tools, Exporting and Importing Database Settings Tool, Managing Users Tool and Time Zone handling tool.


Reporting Module


MonitorWare Console offers flexible and extendible reporting features. The Reporting Engine of MonitorWare Console has been designed in such a way that the reports can act as Plug and Play components. In addition to several useful reporting templates provided with the application, users can order new reports exactly according to their own requirements termed as requested reports.


The Devices Module


MonitorWare Console provides an easy and user-friendly way to track all reporting devices (reports or logs events/messages) in the system. The Devices module allows users to add, update, delete or discover device(s). Apart from these features, user can associate a knowledge base article with specific device/devices, which can later help in troubleshooting or tracking device specific issues and information.


Views Module


Using this module, you can define your own views according to your needs. This module also supports the concept of "Drill Down". You can define various levels of field hierarchies in view definition. As you proceed towards the lower levels of hierarchies, the data is filtered using the above hierarchy levels. In addition to that, you can also apply filters on the data, which include: Time based filters, Device based filters and Info Unit Based filters.


Network Scanning Tools


When you purchase this module license, you get three network scanning tools namely PortScan Tool, TraceRoute Tool and Ping Tool.


The Knowledge Base Module


Knowledge Base Manager is a very useful component of MonitorWare Console. It contains a collection of articles that are related either with one or more devices or with one or more event rows. With the passage of time, user can enhance the articles repository by adding articles to it. This repository will help the user during troubleshooting.


Web Support


Reports and Events View modules have a feature called Web Search.


Licence options


MonitorWare Console comes with a different licensing structure. The base product and every module calls for an individual license. This approach has been adopted keeping in mind the customer's ease. Another reason for adopting this approach is for reducing the total cost of the product for the end user.


Other Miscellaneous Features


There are certain features of MonitorWare Console which added amazing power to it. These include customizeable views, report generation using files, changing database for report generation on the fly, job manager, time zone handling, database support, user management and localization support. To learn more about these, please see other miscellaneous features of MonitorWare Console.

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